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Solarway Glass Monocrystalline Solar

solarway picApollo Entertainment Limited have partnered with Solarway, one of China’s leading suppliers of solar panels, controllers and accessories to the world. Solarway have a wide range of monocrystalline solar panels that we have access to, however for the immediate future we are stocking the 100W, 150W and 200W solar panels along with the PWM solar contollers and solar panel moun ng kits.

The Solarway Monocrystalline Solar panels have a 10 year Manufacturing Warrany, 12 Year Warranty @ 90% Output and a 25 Year Warranty @ 80% output.

The front glass is tempered low iron and the frame is anodised aluminium.

There is an IP67 Waterproof junc on box with by- pass anodes, and MC4 compa ble plugs on the 4mm cable.

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