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apollo products neutrol kemKEM NEUTROL CLASSIC is a very powerful and easy to use product for toilet, suitable for the waste tank, to reach the best results for your toilet.

  • Effective against waste; delicate with the waste tank.
  • Dissolve the solid waste for ease of disposal.
  • Reduce gas formations.
  • It keeps the waste tank clean and fresh.
  • Available in the following formats:
    - 1 lt. bottle
    - 2 lt. bottle
    - 5 lt. bottle
    - Powder sachets

Concentrated chemical liquid with strong disruptive power for organic waste and toilet paper, eliminates unpleasant odors and keeps the tank clean. Pour 30/40 ml of Neutrol Kem into the empty and rinsed tank every 5 liters of water, making sure that the water always covers the solid waste.